Open Source Social Network

OSSN is written in PHP, using MySQL database and other frameworks, such as Bootstrap and jQuery, to deliver a social networking website, allowing users to share their thoughts and opinions. Also, it's possible to send images, create and join public or private groups, and connect and chat with other users.

This system has two versions. One is provided by and allows site creator's to develop a good Social Network using previously shown resources. This version is free of charge. The other version is provided by and offers, besides the resources by's version, another set of components, such as video upload, stories, polls, upcoming birthdays, etc. This version has a cost.

Our work

Fake Post

Allow the Admin to create and schedule posts. Also, Admin can send fake posts between users.


  • Post with customized text
  • Post with image and text
  • Posts with image only
  • Posts with link
  • Posts with link and text
  • Each fake post is sent only 1 time into the timeline
  • Posts scheduled to be sent in the future date and time
  • If the fake post failed to be sent into the wall, the Admin can see, fix and reschedule

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One-Click Friendship

Display a button on the news feed to allow the user to add another user as a friend directly from the timeline. After the user send the friend request, it's possible to cancel the request directly. If the users are friends, the button showed allow them to remove the friendship. These last two buttons can be disabled by editing the params.php file. Also, on this file, it's possible to customize the icons or show buttons instead.

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Admin Notification

This component sends a notification to the selected admin when a new user registration occurs. Also, it's possible to set up one or multiple email addresses and then, a message will be fired to those addresses.

  • Send notification to Admin when a new user registration occurs​
  • Send email to Admin when a new user registration occurs​
  • Allow an Admin to select wich admin will receive the notification​ of a new user registration
  • Allow to set an email address to receive the new user registration report
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Disable Developer Tool Window and Right Click

Implementation of disble-devtool library into OSSN. The disable-devtool disables all access to the devtools, preventing 'code porting' via the devtools

  • Support configurable whether to disable the right-click menu
  • Disable shortcut keys such as f12 and ctrl+shift+i
  • Support recognition to open developer tools from browser menu bar and close the current page
  • Developers can bypass the disable (url parameters are encrypted with tk and md5)
  • Multiple monitoring modes, support almost all browsers (IE, 360, qq browser, FireFox, Chrome, Edge...)
  • Highly configurable, minimalist to use, compact
  • Support npm reference and script tag reference (property configuration)
  • Identify the real mobile terminal and the browser developer tool to set the plug-in forged mobile terminal to save performance for the mobile terminal
  • Support for identifying developer tools close events
  • Support configurable whether to disable selection, copy, cut, paste function
  • Support to identify eruda and vconsole debugging tools
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Darkmode Switcher

Give your users the convenience of switching to dark mode with just one click! The dark mode component integrates seamlessly with Awesome and GoBlue themes, adding a stylish switch to the top-right dropdown menu.

If you need to add some selector in your CSS file, duplicate your selector and add [data-theme="dark"] before the name of selector. Here an example:

Light mode
            body {
                background-color: #ffffff; 
Dark mode
            [data-theme="dark"] body {
                background-color: #eaeaea; 

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